Day: March 22, 2011

MMS 2011–Configuration Manger 2012 Technical Overview

User Centric Used to manage a user on a device.  Now it is a state based design, for aps, deployment and content.  Full application lifecycle mode.  Install revisions, supersecdence and uninstall build a relationship between user systems application model required applications – reinstall if missing prohibited application – uninstall if detected requirement rules – evaluated […]

MMS 2011–SCCM State of the Union

The Past Year Config Mgr 2007 R3 Supports 300,000 machines Delta discovery for AD Power Management Asset Intelligence over 20k new titles each month Forefront Endpoint Protection Security Compliance Manager (SCM) Version 2.0 = RTM May 2011 Golden master – snapshot and import GPO’s monitor drift and compliance Uses DCM as its core Opalis is […]