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Using PowerShell to get Share and NTFS permissions

I am teaching a class this week at Benchmark Learning and had a great student question. “How do I get share permissions AND NTFS permissions” Well, look no further. The Get-SharePermission function was found here: function Get-SharePermission { Param($Server = $env:COMPUTERNAME) $ShareSecurity = Get-WmiObject win32_LogicalShareSecuritySetting -ComputerName $Server foreach($Share in $ShareSecurity) { $sharenames = $Share.Name […]

PowerShell and rounding. Math is hard!

I had a student question regarding a function he wrote.  The function basically displayed disk info (disk size, free disk space and percent free), but we couldn’t get it to round the numbers.  In this first example, the numbers are not rounded: Function Get-DiskInfo { param ($System =”.”) $display = @{Label = “Drive” ; Expression={$_.DeviceID}},` […]

Updated SCCM Computer Startup Script

In the past I have posted a VBScript that I use to install the SCCM Client and check SCCM Client health.  The updates that I have are related to fixing broken WMI.  The script is put in a GPO as a Computer Startup Script.   ‘ NAME: SCCM_Client_Health_Check ‘ AUTHOR: Matthew Teegarden ‘ DATE : […]

MMS 2011–Settings management (AKA DCM)

Key concepts Baseline – group of CI’s CI’s – definition of the settings and rules User and Device targeting of baselines if the baseline is deployed to a ‘User’ there is an option to evaluate the baseline on every device the user logs on OR the user’s primary device Automatic remediation!!! only for the following […]

MMS 2011– Converting Existing Software Packages into the ConfigMgr 2012 Application Model

2012 App Model Virtual containers that contain end user metadata and administrator properties Deployment Types App-V Scripts MSI Mobile Cab Requirement rules platform hardware requirements Utilizes DCM to determine applicability Dependencies What other applications are required in order to install detection method How to identify if the application is present can be product code, file […]

MMS 2011–Migrating from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012

Side by Side upgrade only.  great opportunity for a hardware refresh and start with a clean environment SCCM 2012 has a built in migration tool with reporting migration of object migration of client minimize WAN impact assist with flattening hierarchy Plan look at current design.  Flatten hierarchy if necessary Ensure that SCCM 2007 SP2 is […]