The one ConfigMgr query to rule them all

Remember that movie with the one ring that the Ewoks had while trying to convince Dr. Theopolis that Spock was still alive and aboard the TARDIS? I can’t remember what kind of Chewbacca ended up rescuing him. Don’t you dare ruin it for me! Having a go to query to use as a base for […]

ConfigMgr and SQL AlwaysOn

Intro   How important is it to you and your company to have a highly available ConfigMgr solution? The answer to that is: it depends. It certainly does. I’ll leave that decisions to you. So, what do we need to get ConfigMgr and SQL AlwaysOn to work?

Increase SCCM log file size

In previous versions of SCCM extending the size of the log files was as easy as open SCCM Service Manager, selecting the component, and increase the log file. That doesn’t work in SCCM CB.  My friend Garth Jones @GarthMJ has a great post on how to get more out of your log files.

IIS Log File Cleaning

The other day I noticed that my SCCM Site Server’s C drive was almost full.  After some searching, I found that the directory C:\Inetpub\Logs\Logfiles was consuming all of the drive space. Now, I don’t recall ever being told to clean IIS Log Files, but all of my peers seem to know about it!!  Thus, that […]

SCCM Fast Ring–Good or Bad (hint….bad!)

Last week I noticed that a colleague of mine had upgraded their SCCM environment to 1706.  This person manages well over 100,000 endpoints, so I figured 1706 was good to go.  Nope! First, a bit of information regarding fast ring and regular ring.  Fast Ring for ConfigMgr is technically beta.  This means that even though […]