Month: August 2010

Branch Distribution Point Setup

  Computer Client Agent Configuration By default the BITS portion of the Computer Client agent is set to “Apply to branch distribution points only”. You can select “Not Configured” if all of your BDP’s have fast connections to the site server. If your BDP’s are on slow links a good example setting would be: Throttling […]

Software Updates – configuration and results

Perhaps you have two different types of end user machines.  One type, the machines can be rebooted whenever software updates get applied according to the Change Schedule.  The other type, the machines can NOT be rebooted.  However, software updates still need to be installed on them and the business owner would be responsible for the […]

SCCM Granular Security using PowerShell and SQL

SCCM Granular Security SCCM Console Security Your company has two (or more) different groups that utilize SCCM. To keep these groups separate and to ensure that one group can not affect another groups resources the following is needed. Initial settings: The SCCM Central Site has two local users that are used as templates in SCCM […]