Windows 8 with Hyper-V

Last Friday at the Minnesota System Center Users Group I had the pleasure of seeing Wally Mead speak!  I noticed that Wally had Windows 8 on his laptop, but he was also using Virtual Machines.  I asked him if those were Hyper-V machines and he said yes.  At this point I was confused!  He told me that Windows 8 has a Hyper-V feature.  He went on to say that Windows 8 is the first client OS he has had on his laptop in a long time, since before he had to use a server OS.

I can’t wait to throw Windows 8 on my new Malibal Satori laptop with 256GB mSATA drive (for the OS), three 750GB drives (two of which are RAID 0), 32 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-3920XM and (most importantly) a matte screen.  Perhaps now Brian Mason (Config Manager MVP) will stop teasing me about my current EliteBook 2540p!