SQL Database Files

Today I encountered a little bit of a misconfiguraiton on the SQL Server for SCCM and WSUS.  The database files (.MDF) and log files (.LDF) were on the same drive.  That is not good for performance.  Ideally we would want a separate drive for the data files, log files, tempDB, and TempDB log file.  NOTE:  Depending on how many processors you have you may want to create multiple TempDB files on different drives.

Pretty easy to move all the databases.

  1. Look up how to move the Master database.  You will use SQL Configuration Manager to do this
  2. Start moving the system databases and then the user databases.  Plenty of information on the net in regards to this.  Basically it is an Alter Database command
  3. Stop SQL Server
  4. Move the files
  5. Start SQL Server