SCCM–WSUS Maintenance

Increased the Private Memory Limit (KB) to 6291456 (6GB) on the WSUS Server

  • Open IIS
  • Select Application Pools
  • Right click the WSUS app pool and select Advanced Settings
  • Find the Private Memory Limit (KB) setting and adjust.
    • Example:  Your server has 8GB.  You might want to provide a memory limit of 5GB on the WSUS App Pool.
      • Open Powershell
      • Type:  5GB / 1KB
      • Copy the answer into the Private Memory Limit (KB) setting
    • Right click the App Pool and select recycle

Ensure that the WSUS database is being indexed.  See the foloowing post:

Create a new SQL Server Agent job to cleanup the WSUS server.  This job will be a powershell script.  So, we will need to create a SQL server credential to accomplish this.

  • Create SQL Server Credntial
    • Open SQL Server Management Studio
    • Expand Security
    • Right click on Credentials
      • Enter in a credential that has rights to run the PowerShell command below
  • Map the SQL Server Credential to a SQL Server Agent Proxy
    • In SQL Server Management Studio expand SQL Server Agent
    • Right click Proxies
    • Select New Proxie
    • use the credential you created above and map it to a PowerShell command


Create a new SQL Server Agent job that runs a PowerShell script using the above Proxie.

Enter the following as the PowerShell command

PowerShell.exe -command “invoke-command –computername [SCCM WSUS server] -scriptblock {Get-WsusServer | Invoke-WsusServerCleanup –CleanupObsoleteUpdates -CleanupUnneededContentFiles -CompressUpdates -DeclineExpiredUpdates -DeclineSupersededUpdates}”

Have the SQL Server Agent job save the results to a text file.

Runs Daily at 22:30