SCCM Client Inventory and WSUS Scan state

Here is a view that you can use to see SCCM Client inventory and WSUS scan state information. CREATE view [dbo].[v_SCCM_Health_Check] as select distinct a.name0 as ‘MachineName’ , a.itemkey , a.operating_system_name_and0 as ‘OperatingSystem’ , os.CSDVersion0 as ‘OS_ServicePack’ , a.client0 as ‘SCCM_Client’ , a.Client_Version0 as ‘SCCM_ClientVersion’ , case when a.User_Name0 like ‘%\%’ then substring(a.User_Name0,charindex(‘\’,a.User_Name0)+ 1,charindex(‘\’,a.User_Name0)) else […]

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TechFuseMN – 2012

I will be speaking at TechFuseMN on Thursday May 17th.  Here are links to a couple of the SCCM 2012 tools that I will be using. Right Click Tools –  http://sms-hints-tricks.blogspot.com/2011/08/configmgr-2012-console-extensions.html More Right Click Tools (since I have no idea how to get the above one’s to work!)   – http://eskonr.com/2012/05/sccm-2012-right-click-tools/ RegKeyToMOF – http://myitforum.com/cs2/files/folders/proddocs/entry152945.aspx Config Manager […]

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Software Update Reports

Do you ever use the Software Updates reports that are built into SCCM?  Have you ever wanted a report that details information about patch compliance on a particular collection of machines?  List Of All Updates This report will list the following information: Bulletin ID – example MS12-006 Article ID – example 2638806 Date Posted Date […]

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