MMS 2011–Config Manager 2012 Deployment and Infrastructure Technical Overview

Main reason for Secondary Sites

    • Manage upward flowing WAN traffic
    • Tiered secondary sites for deep network topologies
  • When do you need a DP?
  • When DON’T you need a DP
    • when BITS provides enough control for WAN
    • Brachcache is enabled
  • Only one type of DP.  No more BDP’s!
    • DP’s include Multicast and PXE options
    • Schedule throttling
    • IIS is required on all DP’s
    • can manually copy the content to DP’s
  • Forest Discovery (NEW)
    • Disocover domains, sites and subnets
    • new discovery process:  AD Forest Discovery
    • subnets and / or AD Sites are assigned to a Boundary Group.  The clients are assinged to boundary groups.
    • can assing DP’s to subnets and / or AD Sites (kind of like a protected system)
  • Why do you need a Central Administration Site
    • If there is more than one Primary site
    • If you want to offload administration and reporting from the Primary site
  • How data gets replicated
    • Content – software packages, updates, boot images
      • Replication Type – File based to primary, secondary and / or distribtuion points
    • Site Data – collection members, HINV, alerts, etc
      • Replcaiton type – SQL
    • Global Data – collection rules, package metadatea, software updates metadata
      • Repliation type – SQL
  • No more SMS_DEF.MOF (you can still import MOF files though)
    • You can select the default WMI Classes to inventory as well as select collection specific WMI Classes
    • You can add WMI classes from ANY WMI Namespace!
  • Security rights are now inheirited.  It’s about time!

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