MMS 2011–Configuration Manger 2012 Technical Overview

User Centric

  • Used to manage a user on a device.  Now it is a state based design, for aps, deployment and content. 
  • Full application lifecycle mode.  Install revisions, supersecdence and uninstall
  • build a relationship between user systems
  • application model
    • required applications – reinstall if missing
    • prohibited application – uninstall if detected
    • requirement rules – evaluated at install
    • dependencies  – relationship with other apps
    • supersedence
    • revision management
  • Web based ‘software catalog’
    • my business hours – used to control when to install software
    • presentation mode – do not install or notify while presenting
    • remote control – users can control their experience
  • Applications
    • will have both install and uninstall methods
    • Can now have custom return codes!
  • Role based administration
    • class rights = security roles
    • instance permissions = security scopes
    • site specific resource permissions = collection limiting
  • What’s new in collections
    • Device collections
    • User collections
    • can not mix the above into one collection
    • reduce complexity of collection rules.  Exclude and include rules. 
    • Folders!!!!
    • Um…no more sub collections.
  • Replication between sites will be done using SQL Replication.  File based replication will be reserved for Distribution objects (mostly)
  • Why do I need a SCCM 2012 Primary Site
    • More than 100,000 clients
    • politics!
    • local point of connectivity for administration (though, the Central Administration Site should be used instead)
  • No more branch DP’s!!!  DP’s can be installed on clients and servers now!
    • Also, have the ability to deploy content to a DP group.  Well, that’s not new.  OK, how about brining up a new DP and you want it to have the same content as other DP’s in a group.  Just add it to the group!

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