MMS 2011–Settings management (AKA DCM)

  • Key concepts
    • Baseline – group of CI’s
    • CI’s – definition of the settings and rules
  • User and Device targeting of baselines
    • if the baseline is deployed to a ‘User’ there is an option to evaluate the baseline on every device the user logs on OR the user’s primary device
  • Automatic remediation!!!
    • only for the following
      • Registry – create the key or modify value
      • WMI and script based settings
        • If the above comes back non-compliant an administrator can define a ‘fix’ script
      • mobile settings
    • * have to select the remediation in the CI and the baseline *
  • Can easily create CI’s by browsing to a “Gold System” and generating them
    • can only browse file and registry system types from local or remote machine
  • CI’s can be created for Windows system or Mobile Systems

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