SCCM Software Inventory–File size has exceeded the limit of 4 MB

Today I noticed a lot of NULL values for SCCM Client Software Inventory.  Here is my fix

· SCCM Client [enter machine name here] had a NULL value for Last Software Inventory

· I forced a resync of Software Inventory on the client and looked at the SINVPROC.log a few days later.

· The logs (unfortunately only last for a couple days) so…

· I went into the Inboxes\SINV\BadSINV folder and noticed a lot of files

· Ran a powershell script to find a file with [enter machine name here] in it

o select-string -path *.sic -pattern “[enter machine name here” | ft filename

· Took the file and moved it to inboxes\auth\ so that it would get processed again

· Watched the SINVPROC.LOG and noticed that the file was rejected because it was larger than 4mb

· Looked that up on the web and found the solution was to modify HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_SOFTWARE_INVENTORY_PROCESSOR\Max File Size

o The value I saw was set to 5mb. Don’t ask why the log file said 4mb!

o I changed it to the max size which is 50mb (according to Wally Meed – AKA SCCM God)

· Did step 6 again to find the file

· Did step 7 again

· Good to go.

Here are my references